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Duration : 60'

As its name suggests, deep tissue massage is a type of therapeutic massage that focuses on relaxing the deeper layers of muscle groups and connective tissues.

It is also an ancient massage, as there are references to its use in Egypt, the Far East, the Indies, Thailand and even Ancient Greece.The therapist uses the fingers, fists, palms and elbows to find the points that are tense, "hiding" the tension and blocking the good flow of energy.

Tissue massage is ideal in cases of chronic muscle tension in difficult areas such as the back, back, neck.It is these areas that we feel gripped every day for many reasons, such as stress, bad posture, bad posture during sleep, intense sports activity.The pressure on these areas during the massage may initially cause pain but then releases the tension.

We use 100% authentic almond oil, certified essential oils and adhere to strict hygiene protocols.
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